Sunday, June 3, 2012

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] FW: What's coming up in Cambridge English Teacher?

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What's coming up?

The difference between written grammar and spoken grammar, Mike McCarthy (6 June 2012: 3pm UK time)

Spoken grammar shares a lot with written grammar, but it is where the two differ that is most important. In face-to-face speaking, grammar works hard not only to talk about the world but to create and maintain the right relationship with the people we’re interacting with. Additionally, in spoken grammar, context can often supply what the written grammar needs to state explicitly.

In this webinar, Mike will investigate the subject further, looking at examples from spoken corpora. Sign up to the webinar today.

New on Cambridge English Teacher

Hot off the press: Look out for the latest article by Eric Baber "Three take-aways from the Bilgi conference in Istanbul", uploaded to our resource library today.

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