Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Británico Refresher Course

special courses

The course aims to provide participants with the methodological tools required to optimise their work in the classroom. Throughout the course participants will analyse their own role as teachers and will be able to reflect upon their own work.

·      Start date:                           Tuesday 8th January 2013
·      End date:                            Thursday 31st January 2013
·      Frequency:                         Mondays through Fridays from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
·      Modality:                             Partially online:        18  two-hour sessions (face to face)
                                 14  online hours
·      Duration:                            50 chronological hours.
·      Venue:                                 BRITÁNICO San Miguel (Av. La Marina 2554)
·      Requirements:                   To have been a school teacher of English during the last year and have a minimum level of Intermediate English.
·      Fee:                                     S/.350.00 (It includes materials and access to the online platform which has been specially designed for this course).


Living in the  21st century means being part of a globalised  world. So, what is our role as teachers of English? Which new skills do we need to acquire? What is the profile of the 21st century student? These and other questions will be raised at the beginning of the course and will be the springboard for future debate along the course.


To help students develop the four skills in learning English is part of our role as teachers. But how can we do it effectively? Techniques and strategies for teaching and learning will be reviewed to provide alternatives for the teacher to choose the ones that best suit their needs and work environment.


CLIL refers to situations where subjects are taught through a foreign language with dual objectives, learning context and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language, in this case English.
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is not a new concept but it has come back again due to its effectiveness. David Gradol said once that “CLIL works. However, the difficult thing is to exploit it correctly.”
The module will present information and provide resources to meet the challenge.


Just as the student needs to acquire and develop skills that will enhance their learning, teachers must also acquire skills that will enable them to meet the goals established, within the humanistic approach. Topics such as classroom management, leadership, motivational skills will be reviewed in the module.

As teachers we never cease to look not only for the latest methodological trends, but also for the mastery of the language used. This module will review the importance of keeping a good level of English and of exploiting  the resources.


In a globalised society some negative issues can affect the proper development of classes, indiscipline and  poor school performance are two examples of these, but there are other issues that are being ignored and t are a major current threat. Do we know what to do or how to spot bullying? What to do with students with different abilities? Do we know how to manage them?


Preparing our lessons is part of our work at schools, therefore, improving them will guarantee the effectiveness of our teaching.  This will give us the necessary time to monitor and identify our students personal needs as well as their motivation drive towards learning. Throughout the module, we will review some concepts in planning our classes by implementing  better time management in the classroom. In addition to that, we will also have the chance to reflect on our work based on our students performance.


Through the module we will explore the various types of evaluation and their objectives. How do we move from a standard evaluation assessment  to a personalised one? What grading tools can be applied in the classroom? These and other aspects will be addressed so that participants can then apply the assessment and monitoring of students according to the needs of their own scenarios.

BRITÁNICO Empresarial

Registrations start on the 12th November.
There will be an Introductory session on Friday 4th January from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. at Británico San Miguel.

1.   Registration requirements:

·         Intermediate level of English.
·         Teaching knowledge is a must.
·         Basic office knowledge. (Word, Power Point, Excel)

2.   Requirements for the use of the virtual platform:

Participants must have a PC, laptop or tablet with internet access and Java.

3.   Registration Process:

     Participants may register at B.E. premises, Calle Río de la Plata 160 San Isidro, or via a bank deposit. If you are considering the latter, please send us an email Our working schedule is from Mondays through Fridays, from 9:00am to 4:30pm.  Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00m.

4.   Certificates:

At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate provided that they attend a minimum of 14 out of 18 face- to-face sessions, and participate in a minimum of  2 forums and one of the chat sessions.

Cesar Klauer

[ELTeCS_PERU] Fwd: [Webinar for English Teachers] Teaching By Stations. November 28 & 30 aWebinar for English Teachers
  Teaching By Stations: A Simple
  Approach to English Grammar Teaching

What:     Teaching By Stations: A Simple Approach to English
               Grammar Teaching

               Webinar on English teaching, organized by the Regional English
               Language Office for the Andean Region at the U.S. Embassy in Lima.

Who:      Rosmery Ribera, English Language Teacher.
               Rosmery currently works at the Centro Boliviano Americano
               in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

When:    Wednesday, November 28th at 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Peru Time).
               Friday, November 30th at 8:30am - 9:30am (Peru Time).
Where:   Join us from a computer with audio and internet access
               at Choose the option
               "Entrar como invitado" and sign in using your name and city.
               (For example: Marcela - Lima)

This webinar is free. Previous registration is not required.

Monday, November 26, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Británico Methodology Refresher Course

Dear Colleagues,
Find the information on the Británico Methodology Refresher Course in the pdf attached to this message.
Cesar Klauer


[Webinar for English Teachers] Teaching By Stations. November 28 & 30

Webinar for English Teachers
  Teaching By Stations: A Simple
  Approach to English Grammar Teaching

What:     Teaching By Stations: A Simple Approach to English
               Grammar Teaching
               Webinar on English teaching, organized by the Regional English
               Language Office for the Andean Region at the U.S. Embassy in Lima.

Who:      Rosmery Ribera, English Language Teacher.
               Rosmery currently works at the Centro Boliviano Americano
               in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

When:    Wednesday, November 28th at 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Peru Time).
               Friday, November 30th at 8:30am - 9:30am (Peru Time).
Where:   Join us from a computer with audio and internet access
              Choose the option
               "Entrar como invitado" and sign in using your name and city.
               (For example: Marcela - Lima)

This webinar is free. Previous registration is not required.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Summer Course for EFL teachers 2013 [Publicidad PUCP]

 Dirigido a
Docentes de inglés en la práctica o que actualmente no se encuentren laborando.
Personas que hayan llevado cursos de metodología en enseñanza de inglés y acrediten conocimientos de inglés.
Matrícula Abierta
Inicio de clases:
7 de enero del 2013
Certificación a nombre de Idiomas Católica
Lunes a viernes de 1:30 p.m. a 5:30 p.m.
Local Idiomas, San Isidro
Cupos limitados
 Para mayor información escríbanos
Av. Camino Real 1037, San Isidro - 626-6441;
Av. Prolongación Primavera 907, Chacarilla - 626-6470;
Av. Javier Prado Este 5495, Camacho - 626-6401;
Av. Univesitaria Sur 1921, Pueblo Libre - 626-6523
Central de informes 626-6500
Síguenos en:
Si usted no desea recibir estos e-mails nuevamente, por favor responda a este mismo correo. con el título
"Dar de baja". Mientras se le permita cancelar el envío, este e-mail no podrá ser considerado SPAM, según lo establecido por la Ley Nº 28493, la misma que regula el uso del correo electrónico comercial no solicitado 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Intercultural Christmas IATEFL-PERU Event


When? December 1st, Saturday, 14.30-18.00

Where? At Britanico Auditorioum – San Borja
Av. Javier Prado Este No. 2726
14.15-14.45 Onsite registration
15:00 – 16:00 Intercultural Christmas Story-telling and Games !!
      Speaker: Úrsula Marmol-IATEFL –PERU DRAMA SIG Coordinator
16:05 – 17:05 Hands –on Workshop! Designing a Christmas tree , Christmas cards, craft work ideas and Christmas carrols!
Speaker: Janet Valdez -IATEFL-PERU YOUNG LEARNERS SIG Coordinator
17:05 – 18:00 Celebrating Christmas and welcoming ELT New Year 2013!!!!!
There will also be an ELT  raffle !

      The workshops will cover areas such as:
  • Vocabulary (Ways of presenting, practising, producing- recycling. Also vocabulary specific to the workshop topic.)
  • Story Telling (Material preparation, presenting, eliciting, acting etc.)
  • Songs
  • Games
  • Christmas cards
Fee: S/25 nuevos soles, includes all materials, Intercultural Christmas Resource Pack, Certificates ,snacks and beverages (Deadline: November 29th, 2012) 
Deposit the corresponding amount to: Interbank CTA. 259-3043785272 . 
Email the invoice number to
Number of participants: Only 60 
Contact information: 62628 -5411 From Monday to Saturday 9.00a.m. to 12/ 2.00p.m. to 8.00p.m.
Join us to take the spirit of the season into your classes, original ideas and fresh energy!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer Course for EFL teachers 2013 [Publicidad PUCP]

Sunday, November 4, 2012

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] IATEFL-PER​U good news!

Dear colleagues,

We are really glad to announce that now we have an IATEFL-PERU Group at PETsNet Ning , which is an academic and social network for English teachers worldwide interested in Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Professional Development, Personal Learning Network (PLN), ICT in Education. Click here to join us.

Not only you can find us and all pieces of information about IATEFL-PERU events in our Facebook account , but now in this innovative and up-dated online network.

Our acknowledgement to Victor Hugo Rojas for such a great job he is doing!

Team work: Great outcomes!


British Council Schools Online

El British Council Colombia se complace en presentar a la comunidad de docentes y a las Instituciones Educativas del país British Council Schools Online], la plataforma global de colaboración internacional para Colegios que les ofrece la posibilidad de generar vínculos con colegios pares alrededor del mundo, teneracceso a múltiples recursos de desarrollo profesional y acceder a financiación para proyectos colaborativos. En la plataforma de acceso gratuito, los docentes colombianos inscritos tendrán oportunidades de:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recibir Capacitaciones * Una vez realizada la inscripción, los docentes podrán participar en las capacitacionesque organizará el British Council y recibirán material de apoyo.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buscar alianzas con Colegios socios * Podrán generar sociedades con más de 33.000 colegios en más de 180 países de mundocon quienes podrán formar alianzas, desarrollar actividades y proyectos e intercambiarideas y conocimientos.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ participar en Foros * Foros en línea en los que podrán comunicarse con otros docentes internacionalmentee intercambiar ideas y aprendizajes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ acceder a Desarrollo Profesional * Tendrán acceso gratuito a todos los recursos de desarrollo profesional para docentesy a los recursos globales de aprendizaje, desarrollados y publicados por el BritishCouncil.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ desarrollar Proyectos internacionales * Sus estudiantes podrán desarrollar proyectos y actividades con estudiantes de diferentes partes del mundo, lo que les permitirá aprender de nuevas culturas y fortalecer su inglés como lengua extranjera. El British Council Colombia otorgaráincentivos a los docentes e Instituciones Educativas más participativos en SchoolsOnline.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ encontrar financiación * Una vez vinculado con su colegio par, su institución podrá aplicar para recibirfinanciación para sus proyectos de colaboración internacional.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to British Council Schools Online!

Welcome to British Council Schools Online!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Los invitamos a registrarse gratuitamente para tener acceso a todos los beneficiosy recursos]

Cómo registrarse
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[ELTeCS_PERU] British Council webinar

For a new webinar, visit this LINK

[ELTeCS_PERU] Invitation reminder‏

Dear all

Last week, I invited all of you colleagues to join me for a nice talk at the Ricardo Palma Book Fair at Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. I am writing to invite once more. I´ll be at Ediciones Altazor, stand 9, from 4 to 7 pm, signing books and/ or just having a good conversation with the people who arrive there. I hope we can meet and spend good moments.

See you there.

Cesar Klauer

[ELTeCS_PERU] 2nd TDC in Cuzco‏

Dear colleagues

On Oct 26th and 27th, ICPNA Cuzco and SBS organized the Second Teaching Development Conference which gathered people from areas such as Ayacucho, Arequipa, Cuzco, Puno, Lima, Juliaca and Puerto Maldonado. The event offered 4 Plenaries and 15 workshops which were repeated in three schedules to provide all teachers with opportunities to attend as many as possible. As it has been happening lately, the number of workshops that deal with Technology is increasing, there were 6 workshops based on Wikis, Movie-making, Kindles and Walls, Online tools and Teaching and Technology, this shows the increasing importance that the use of technology has in our daily teaching practice and it was really comforting to see so many teachers eager to learn how to integrate Technology in their classes.

However, it is important not to lose sight of the training in competencies for life for ourselves and for our students; abilities such as time-management, problem solving, self-confidence or communication skills can certainly make a difference. Follow this link , go to Events and download the handout of Interpersonal Skills aiming at Developing Competences for Life. You can also watch the video with the photos.

The welcoming atmosphere, participants' enthusiasm and interest made up for the inconveniences of struggling for air and coping with altitude sickness for the presenters who came from Lima and abroad and are not used to working at these high altitudes.

The event left all presenters and participants a warm feeling of achievement and looking forward to the next meeting in 2014.

Maria Luisa Mu