Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An invitation to try CAE Speaking Success

Dear Giovanni Gonzales

As a previous subscriber to our guides to the Cambridge FCE and

CAE exams we thought you might be interested in news of our brand

new course: 'CAE Speaking Success'.

'CAE Speaking Success' is a 12 Unit online course which prepares

students thoroughly for Paper 5. If you'd like to see it for

yourself we've made Unit 1 available as a free demo. You can sign

up here:


Here's some of the feedback we've had so far:

'I think it's fabulous! I'm really impressed with the lesson I've

just done...You are doing such a wonderful job to help us with

English...THANK YOU!!!'

Lubchik, UK

'Your new learning tool is very useful for both students and

educators. It highlights the typical problems of candidates and

gives clear examples, explanations that help students to be more

aware of these issues during the preparation. The media tool is

attractive and easy to use so working with it was a pleasure.'

Kóródi, Hungary

'What an amazing job! Congratulations to everyone who worked on it.

I'm sure it can make the difference between a bare pass and high

pass in the interview.'

Pollyanna, Greece

'It gave me very useful tips about the exam I wasn't thinking about.

This helps me alot in my preparation for the exam.'

Ghada, Egypt

Hope you like it!

Best wishes

Peter Travis


Flo-Joe, Centre Court, 1301 Stratford Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B28 9HH, UNITED KINGDOM

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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Digital Immigrant Meets Digital Citizen"

27th, 28th, 29th August: "Digital Immigrant Meets Digital Citizen"

Idiomas Católica invites English teachers to the V Teaching Development Conference: "Digital Immigrant Meets Digital Citizen". Our author and international speaker Mario Herrera will present the talk "What our Students Really Need". Visit our book fair, you can win interesting prizes! You can register online at www.idiomas.pucp.edu.pe/es/vtdc/info
 and/or request further information at (51-1)626-6500 idiomas@pucp.edu.pe

Friday, August 6, 2010

13th National ET Conference - Follow-up Session

Follow-up Session 2010

> The organising committee of the National ELT Conference is proud to invite you to the follow-up session to the 13th National ELT Conference - Challenges for the ELT  Syllabus: Developing Competencies for the 21st Century. This session will feature three keynote speakers, including Adrian Doff, researcher, consultant and trainer with a wide experience of working with teachers in Finland, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany and the UK. Mr Doff's presentation -sponsored by Cambridge University

> Press- will address the issue of intercultural awareness in the EFL Classroom.

> All presenters will offer the audience the opportunity to expand on some of the  topics discussed during the last National ELT conference.

> The Follow-up session will be held at Universidad de la Salle, Sede Chapinero, Edificio

> Fundadores F-200, Bogotá, on September 2nd.

> > Programme

> 2:00 - Registration (see note below)

> 3:00 - Sessions start

> 6:00 - Coffee & Certificates
Registration to this event is free. We encourage attendees to pre-register on line
as there are only 200 places available; certificates will only be issued to pre-registered

> attendees.

> Paid parking spaces are available at the university.
> British Council Colombia

Thursday, August 5, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] Impressions on the ELT PERU Networks conference

We have received this text, written by a teacher who attended the latest ELT PERU Networks event and have decided to share it with you all.

Here are my impressions on the ELT_PERU NETWORKS CONFERENCE in Lima on the 2nd and 3rd of July. I really enjoyed it: it was carefully planned and organized, the topics were both interesting and relevant, and the speakers were first-class.

On Friday I enjoyed listening to Andrew Sheehan in “Training the Trainers”. I had already attended another (longer) event on the same topic two years ago, and this was an appropriate complement to it. Andrew always has interesting information to share with ELT teachers, and his vision on the changing world of ELT, which he gave us both Friday and Saturday was certainly enlightening. It will influence my approach to teaching, the materials I will use, and even the materials I’ll purchase in the future.

On Saturday, I enjoyed every speech I attended. Maria Esther Linares talked about and presented to us her experiences in the mentoring program she organized at her school, and it gave me useful ideas to share with the staff in charge of the mentoring program at the institution I work for. Leo Marín gave us great tips about how to deal with adolescents in class. Carol Milk de Reyes had interesting insights about English as a global language. In fact, after I listened to her talk, I had the opportunity to read more about the topic. Norma Bustamante's description of how ELT has changed in Peru gave me an idea of how much we have progressed in the field since my arrival in Peru , and made me reflect on how I have changed and improved my way of teaching during all these years. I also appreciated Graeme Hodgson’s information about the services provided by the British Council.

The ELT_PERU NETWORKS CONFERENCE gave me food for thought, updated my information on the field, even made me feel proud to see how far we, English teachers, have come along in this fast-changing field. We always manage to be aware of the latest developments and try them out.

María G. de Casós

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Con la cordialidad de nuestro saludo remitimos a Ud. en el adjunto la programación del Curso:


A realizarse los dias viernes 6, sábado 7 y domingo 8 en nuestras instalaciones de la EUDED, en la Av. Salaverry Nº 2950

Para mayores informaciones, comunicarse con la Srta. María Salazar al teléfono: 4600585 o en su correo electrónico: marysalazar1@hotmail.com

Horario : Viernes 18.00 - 21.00 hrs

Sabado 09.00 - 20.00 hrs Domingo: 10.00-15.00hrs


Escuela Universitaria de Educación a Distancia



Av. Salaverry Nº 2950 - 2960 San Isidro - Lima - Perú Teléfono 4600585