Monday, January 30, 2012


Dear participants,

Just a note regarding '' Principles of Education that you use'

By 'Principles of education' It is meant for example:

Respect all views/There's no right answer/Task-based learning/Communicative Approach/Student-centred learning/English through English/CLIL/learning by doing/learning by playing/no student is stupid,keep everyone active/make sure everyone's happy...., etc.

Basically any principle/belief that we use in every type of teaching or training situation. Whatever that principle might be is valid, it doesn't have to be a methodology or an ELT technique

Please, I'd really appreciate it if you can do it today , it will take you at most 5'.

Looking forward to seeing you on February 2/3.

Have a great day!!!


What follows is the questionnaire Zarina has prepared , and she is also looking forward to getting information from them , she wants to know the audience beforehand.

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