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[ELTeCS_PE​RU] Continuing Profession​al TRAINER Developmen​t February 2nd and 3rd

PeruELTNetworks Affiliate

It is with great pleasure that Peru-ELTNETWORKS-IATEFL-UK Affiliate announces its Second Summer Workshop: ‘Continuing Professional Trainer Development’ and also the ‘launch’ of ‘Trainers’ Continuing Professional Development in Peru’ Special Interesting Group .This important event will be held at:


Av. Universitaria Sur 1921-1923, Pueblo Libre – Just across from PUCP, which is also near Plaza San Miguel.

Audience: Only 40 participants

When: Thursday, February 2nd 9a.m. – 1 p.m. / 2p.m – 5p.m.

Friday, February 3rd 9a.m. – 1 p.m.

Online work: February 1st, February 2nd.

Speaker: Miss Zarina Subham, University of Chichester UK.

What follows is her bio-pic:

Zarina Subhan MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL,

BSc Pharmacology - Chemistry,

Trinity Cert TESOL

Zarina’s first degree was in Pharmacology-Chemistry (a dual honours subject); she also studied Education and did post-graduate MA studies in Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

Zarina is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer. She has taught at all levels and in both private and government institutions in nine different countries (Greece, Czecho-Slovakia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and China) as well as in the UK, where she now lives and works.

Zarina specialised early on in her career into EAP, combining her scientific and educational qualifications. From this developed an interest in providing made-to-measure materials, which later led to materials that could be used in environmental awareness, health training and governance projects in developing countries. Since 2000 she has been involved in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), materials writing, training trainers and teachers in facilitation techniques and teaching methodology.

Her materials have been published in Japan and Sri Lanka. In Japan, her listening activities were published by the Kobe Education Authority as junior high school teachers’ resources to complement the government text book and her voice was used in the recordings for the audio resources. In Sri Lanka, her training materials were published by the German Technical Coorporation (GIZ) for the development of governance, organisational skills and English language of public servants. Her voice was also recorded for these training materials, in addition it was used for recordings of a textbook tapescript in Czecho-Slovakia (as it was then).

Zarina currently works at the University of Chichester and is involved in training primary, secondary school and tertiary teachers in Current English Language Teaching Practice; English Cultural Understanding; ELT Methodology; Aspects of British Culture and Language Skills; Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning; primary education for CLIL specialists.

As well as delivering and designing teaching materials at the University of Chichester, Zarina is the head of academic leadership and coordinates other trainers who work on international teacher training courses in Continuing Professional Development, mentors new trainers, assists the director with visiting delegations, inspections and interviewing of new staff to the department as well as delivering overseas training on behalf of the University of Chichester.

Because of her experience in a variety of countries, Zarina sees English as a tool for development. Thus she trains teacher trainers in order to build their capacity, skills and confidence to use English as a tool in order to further themselves and their teachers.

With this in mind, Zarina has been asked to hold a 2-day training course for teacher trainers in Lima, on behalf of Peru-ELTNetworks –IATEFL U.K. Affiliate.She will explore what makes a good trainer and good training sessions; motivational forces that can impact on learning and improve engagement with topics; individual differences in learning and teaching that affect the trainer and trainee; the importance of the use of cognition and metacognition in teaching and training, as well as brain research into the learning process. Through these topics different activities will be experienced and analysed, allowing for discussion and reflection upon current practices in the ELT training room.

FEE: Members S/60.00

Non-members S/90.00

Cuenta Banco de Crédito Ahorros M.N. No. 193-17569865-0-36

a nombre de Katia del Pilar Adrianzén Zúñiga

SIGS Coordinator PERUELTNetworks-IATEFL U.K.Affiliate

Fees include: Coffee Breaks

Trainer’s Resource Pack

British Council Teach English CD’s

Membership of‘Trainers’ Continuing Professional Development’

Special Interest Group in Perú.

Follow up with Penny Ur who is coming for our Annual Conf.

Including the online work, you will be awarded a 20 hour


Registration and further information at
Deadline to register: January 30th.

Please don’t forget to take your ID to Idiomas Catolica.

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