Saturday, February 26, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] ELTeCS Latin America and Caribbean

Dear ELTeCS LAC members,

In this 2nd February newsletter you can read about the following ELT news:

1. Webinar for English Teachers: Using Poetry in the English as a New Language Classroom

2. First Leeds Metropolitan University English Language Teaching (ELT) Connections conference, 20 & 21 May 2011.

3. 1st International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment, Nicosia, Cyprus, June 3-5, 2011

4. 2011 Share Convention: Call for papers. Argentina, 28 and 29 July, 2011 "ELT KALEIDOSCOPE: NEW TRENDS AND NEW CLASSROOM

5. PERU TESOL Convention, Lima, Perú, July 31- August 2, 2011.

6. The Teacher Trainer Journal 25th Anniversary Conference, Canterbury, UK, 17-19th August 2011

7. FAAPI 2011 Conference - APIT Tucumán: Call for papers 36th FAAPI CONFERENCE, Argentina 22-24 September, 2011

8. Key Findings for ELLiE Study

9. English Teaching Graduate Scheme

10. 'Pic your wits'

Have you tried 'What kind of teacher are you?'

11. CALLspot Episode 5 - Distance Language Teaching Online

12. The Spring 2011 issue of THE TEACHER TRAINER JOURNAL is out now!

13. Free book/booklet publication downloads from TeachingEnglish 'Transform'

14. Tips from Ana (Teenage students and writing & Poetry Society)

15. A lesson Plan: Film festival season at

16. Picture books for all at

17. Cooperative and collaborative work

18. Something to say about: vocabulary teaching at

19. "Does dependence on course books make teachers of English less creative and productive? Are course books a necessary evil?"

20. Where is ELTeCS in the World?

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