Thursday, December 19, 2013


From the Input to Output hypotheses: Application and assessment in the classrooms
Lima, Perú 21st December 2013
Block B floor 3. Time: 3pm-4:30 
Carmen Caceda, Ph.D.

Carmen Caceda began teaching English as a foreign language in Peru in 1982. She later trained
EFL pre-service and in-service trainees. Moving to the US, she began teaching Spanish and
training ESL/bilingual trainees. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Western Oregon
University, teaching methodology and culture classes.
This workshop pursues three objectives. First, participants will experience some activities where the input (Krashen, 1986) and the output (Swain, 1985, 1995) hypothesis are made presented. Second, participants will reflect on the rationale behind the hypotheses to have a sound understanding of their classroom application. Third, participants will design at least two activities where the output hypothesis is present.
Krashen, S. L. (1985). The input hypothesis: Issues and implications. London: Longman.
Swain, M. (1985). Communicative competence: Some roles of comprehensible input and comprehensive output in its development. In S. Gass & C. Madden (Eds.), Input in second language acquisition (pp. 235-253). Rowley, MA: Newbury House.
Swain, M. (1995). Three functions of output in second language learning. In G. Cook & B. Seidlhofer (Eds.), Principles and practice in applied linguistics (pp. 125-144). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

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