Sunday, February 17, 2013

ELTeCS_PERU] Fw: [Webinar for English Teachers] Pronunciation Tips and Tricks for Your Classroom. Feb. 20 & 22.

Webinar for English Teachers
  Pronunciation Tips and Tricks
  For Your Classroom

Come find the answers to the common pronunciation questions and experience some fun teaching methods to use in your classes.There are 3 “ed” sounds in the simple past: t,d,id. When and how will I know when to use them? There are 3 sounds in plurals and third person verbs: s,z,iz. How will I know when to use them? Some words in a sentence are longer and louder. When and why does that occur? Last but not least, do you have rhythm? Come and join us for the fun.
What:     Pronunciation Tips and Tricks for Your Classroom
               Webinar on English teaching, organized by the Regional English
               Language Office for the Andean Region at the U.S. Embassy in Lima.

Who:      Rae Roberts, Senior English Language Fellow.
               Rae Roberts is the Senior English Language Fellow based Lima, Peru.
               Rae has worked in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and China.
               She has provided teacher training in 10 countries.

               Sara Mercedes Meza, English Teacher.
Sara Mercedes Meza is a teacher at Colegio Antonio Raymoni in Lima, Peru.
               She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and was selected by the
               U.S. Embassy Peru - RELO Andes Rising Star project for a 4-week
               methodology training course at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C.
When:    Wednesday, February 20th at 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Peru Time).
               Friday, February 22nd at 8:30am - 9:30am (Peru Time).
Where:   Join us from a computer with audio and internet access
               at Sign in using your Facebook or Twitter
               account, or choose the option "Guest" and sign in using your name and
               city. (For example: Marcela - Lima)

This webinar is free. Previous registration is not required.

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