Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] Induction programmes for new teachers

Dear friends

As a participant of the EVO2013 course: Mentoring, I read an article that I think all those who have the responsibility of organizing induction courses for new teachers may find interesting so I would like to share it with you.

The article is Induction: The Best Form of Professional Development, was written by Harry K. Wong, and it mentions some tips to organize successful induction programmes in order to create “a culture of professional growth and lifelong learning”.

Some of the features of the induction programme are that besides the three or four days of workshops and Demonstration classrooms, the three years of ongoing training and support that include SPA Days, teachers receive a certificate of achievement from the institution.

The aim of the institution induction programme is to develop a staff of teachers who are engaged in the mission of the institution and who appreciate the training as part of their professional development. “Teachers stay where they feel successful, supported and part of a team working toward the achievement of a common goal”.

Please visit for some more detailed information based on the article.

M. Ed. Maria Luisa Mu

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