Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Webinar for English Teachers] Using Comics in the ELT Classroom. September 12 and 14.

Webinar for English Teachers:

Using Comics in the

ELT Classroom

Join us for our next webinar on methodology for English teaching:

What: Using Comics in the ELT Classroom

Webinar on English teaching, organized by the Regional English Language

Office for the Andean Region at the U.S. Embassy.

Who: David Fay, Regional English Language Officer.

David Fay is the Regional English Language Officer for Andean countries

based in Lima, Peru. He has an M.Ed in English Language Teaching and is

in the midst of doctoral studies in U.S. Literature. His main interests in the

field are in models that integrate culture and language studies, with an

emphasis on U.S. language, history and culture, and the application of

information technology to the teaching and learning experience, with an

emphasis on social networking. He is particularly interested in the evolution

of English as a global lingua franca and the significance of this change for

the classroom teacher. He has educated students and teachers in Costa

Rica, Spain, Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Fabricio Rivas Marmanillo, English Teacher.

Fabricio Rivas Marmanillo has worked as a teacher, coordinator and

teacher trainer. He has achieved international certifications and is also a

professional artist specializing in comics. He has recently given an online

workshop about ESP best practices from UMBC in the U.S., and hosted a

workshop with David Fay on how to use comics in the classroom at the U.S.

Embassy in Lima, Peru. He is currently working at ICPNA Cusco.

When: Wednesday, September 12th at 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Peru time).

Friday, September 14th at 8:30am - 9:30am (Peru Time).

Where: Join us from a computer with audio and internet access

at Choose the option

"Entrar como invitado" and sign in using your name and city.

(For example: Marcela - Lima)

This webinar is free. Previous registration is not required

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