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We would really appreciate your help and participation in the following Survey:Use of the learners’ own-language in the English language classroom: a surveyTo what extent do English language teachers make use of the learners’ own language in the English language classroom? Alternatively, to what extent do teachers maintain an 'English-only' classroom? Do teachers allow or encourage your learners to use their own language in class? If so, why and in what kind of ways? And if not, again, why? Northumbria University and the Open University in the UK, in conjunction with the British Council, are carrying out a survey into the use of the learners' own language in the English language classroom. The survey asks teachers about their experiences of, and views about, the use of learners’ own language in their teaching. We are interested in finding out what English teachers do (or don’t do), the activities they use, and the reasons for this. The survey is therefore for English language teachers. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and answers are completely confidential. (Note: ‘English language teachers’ is a deliberately broad criteria for taking part in the project and includes, for example, those who teach EFL, ESL, EAP and so on; primary, secondary and tertiary level teachers;  those who both teach language and train teachers, who teach and manage etc.).

The survey is available online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ownlanguageuseFor further information about the project, visit:


you would prefer to complete the survey as an e-mail attachment, contact Alison Twiner (alison.twiner@northumbria.ac.uk) or Graham Hall (g.hall@northumbria.ac.uk). 

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