Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The 20TH Annual PERU TESOL Convention

Dates: July 31st to August 2nd, 2012

Venue: Centro de Idiomas de la “Universidad Cesar Vallejo”Chiclayo, Lambayeque – PeruTheme: "Speaking Up For English”The XX Peru TESOL annual conference will focus on the importance of speaking - improving the teaching and learning of spoken English in the classroom; speaking up for English within our academic communities, and speaking out to promote English in Peru. How can our students learn to improve speaking skills in the English classroom? How can our schools better incorporate English throughout the curriculum? What is the current role of English learning in Peru and how can English be more widely promoted?

Information: fdelacruz@perutesol.orgperutesoler23@yahoo.cominfo@perutesol.orgwww.perutesol.org

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