Thursday, October 9, 2014


Some weeks  after the Closing of the IV IATEFL PERU INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE and after  analising feedback, comments in our Facebook page, we are immensely  happy to say , that 2014 Conference was a real  success, which definitely would not have been possible without the kind help and/ or sponsor of :

1- A*Dr Carmen Cáceda -Western Oregon University'Building on strengths: What does it mean to be a teacher educator in ELT?-Pre-Conference Event at Universidad de Piura-Campus Lima 

1-  B * Carol Read - IATEFL President   Talk ' Seven strategies to promote creativity in the classroom ' organised by IATEFL PERU at Crown Hotel.

2- Carmen Cáceda - Western Oregon University 
3- Paul Seligson-British Council Americas
4-Rosalia Vargas - Asociación Cultural Peruano Britanico
5-Carmen Castro -MINEDU
6-Carlos Castillo- Teaching English Atelier
7-Andrew Sheehan -IATEFL PERU 

All the above Plenaries showed an outstanding academic quality  which was  constantly acknowledged  by participants.

1-A* Our deep gratitude to Magister Julio Valladares and Cesar Klauer for their support with the guidance re paper work to get the  venue at  UDEP Campus Lima .
1-B* Our acknowledgement  to Javier Lombardi, Macmillan General Manager , who kindly found some time in Carol´s busy agenda and accepted our request.

IATEFL PERU presented workshops, therefore our high appreciation and gratefulness to:

Bases Languages and Training -General Manager Miss Alicia Lara
Anglo-Peru - Academic Team - Miss Paola Pinedo 
ESAN- Miss Maria Esther Linares
Oxford U.P-  Mr Tom Gardner 
IATEFL PERU  Mr Paul Seligson
San Marcos University- Mrs Yony Cárdenas

As with the plenaries, the workshops  showed an exceptional  academic quality as shown in the Feeddbak formats.

Our high recognition to the following Publishers , Companies and Language Institutions:

Asociación Cultural Peruano Britanico (Plenary)
Bases Languages and Training (Stand , workshop )
Teaching English Atelier -TEA   (Stand and Plenary)
Anglo Peru -MM                      (Stand)                                               
Cambridge University Press     (Stand and Workshop)
Lancon                                  (Stand)
LPB-Libreria Peruano Britanica MM (Stand and Plenary)
Richmond                                     (Stand)
Special Book Services SBS              Stand 
University of Dayton                      ( 200Bags, pens, pencilcases and rulers)
Matrerial Didactico                         (Stand)

All the above Publishers and companies also gave IATEFL PERU prizes to be raffled : up-dating ELT books.

Our deep thankfulness to the TEACHERS who attended the 2014 Conference on Friday 12 and on Saturday 13, making this IV CONFERENCE an event where there were a mixture of networking,  colleagues who met after many years, the opportunities to talk to the speakers, and above all, the starting of new and more SpecialInterest Groups, new friendship, starting of Projects which really implies new horizons awaiting for professionals in ELT.

IATEFL PERU is a non-profit organisation , a self funded one , legally registered in Registros Publicos . It is not easy to run an Association  , however  not impossible , all the Team does their best to make innovative events happen .
We would like to express our deep thanks and appreciation for your attendance , enthusiasm and active participation !


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