Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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WEDNESDAY 10th September 2014 – 18:15
Venue: Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades
Av. Universitaria 5175 Los Olivos Telf. (511) 715 - 1533
ROOM: 501 Block A

Paul Seligson has been 'TEFLing' for 37 years. Well-known globally for his lively, highly practical approach, he has an MA in TEFL and is a CELTA assessor and Trinity moderator. His many publications include Helping Students to Speak for the Richmond Teacher's Handbook Series, and Kids' Web (Richmond). His most recent publication is English iD, an innovative 6-level course for young adults written specifically to accelerate learning in Latin America. Paul lives between Brighton, UK and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is delighted to be coming for the 8th time to Peru.

“Hooking English! Using  Song Lines to Build on Existing Knowledge”
I last spoke about using songs nearly 30 years ago, so I'd like to think I've learnt something since then! Songs are probably our single best source of authentic listening practice, and great examples from which to elicit and build, but that's not how we (and I include myself) have mainly used them in class. Recently, I've been discovering ways to exploit individual lines from songs and working with very short extracts, rather than 'do' the whole song, which often ends up being either:

- a difficult sell, as it's rare to find a song that everybody in a class is really into
- overlong and/or lexically over-complicated
- restrictive, as you simply can't use so many potentially great songs because of the 'naughty bits'.
- overly focused on reading, fishing for structures or vocabulary rather than listening and pronunciation 

Discover exciting ways to use bits of songs to present, practice, personalize, extend, consolidate and memorize or 'hook' almost anything. Empowering students by showing them how much they already know! 


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