Thursday, April 24, 2014


Seminar/Workshop – Continuing professional development for 
in-service teacher trainers                        Lima  24 to 28 March 2014
End-of-course report
The course was designed to develop the following competences:
1  Knowledge and understanding of
the principles underlying CPD;
reflective practice as a model for CPD;
ways to develop reflective practice;
the role of evaluation in reflection.
2  Practical skills in
planning CPD;
managing CPD workshops;
evaluating CPD.
As well as
motivation to develop professionally.
and an action plan for
maintaining and innovating in CPD;
communicating ideas and experiences to help the group and CPD to develop.
A set of handouts was circulated in advance of the course for participants to read and acquaint themselves with the topics so that time in the workshop was used as much as possible for developing the notions and practical skills through discussion and activities to try out techniques.
11 teacher trainers followed the course.
Monday:  introduction to the seminar;  why do we need CPD?
Tuesday:  conducting a needs survey.
Wednesday:  planning a CPD workshop.
Thursday:  running a CPD workshop.
Friday:  managing the CPD cycle.  Action plan.  Launch of Peru ELT Trainers Network
Participants completed an end-of-course evaluation in which they set out what they had gained from the course, things they had liked, and recommendations for change in future courses.  Gains covered aspects of planning and managing CPD, of evaluation (in its broad sense as action research), of teamwork and what it means to be a trainer.  Likes included the active methodology of the workshop and the time they had for discussion, the nature of discussions, the action plan.  Recommendations included observation of video-ed classes, micro-teaching, and more time.
At the end of the course the participants chose a leader to be in charge of their action plan and of their future activity, Miss Leo Marin, I couldn’t  agree more since her enthusiasm and commitment was of great help to the success and social networks set in the Seminar,  it was also agreed agreed a plan for a Facebook page for the group and a schedule of meetings where they will report and discuss their experience using ideas from the course.
Tutor’s comments
The evaluation was positive and enthusiastic.  The participants are committed to developing the provision of CPD and understand its role and importance for teachers.  Time was short because of arranging to meet when participants were available, and in order to cover the range of topics it was not possible to extend and develop practical activities in the ways recommended.  Nor was it possible to repeat tasks to overcome errors and gaps in what had been produced.  The course ran for sixteen hours instead of the planned twenty-eight:  future courses need to be arranged in holiday time so that they are not truncated.  However, participants made the most of their time and challenged themselves and their ideas;  they went away with clear plans on how to continue working together and how to develop their practice as trainers.
Dermot Murphy
April 2014

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