Thursday, October 11, 2012

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] Pearson´s First annual Summit

Dear friends

The First Pearson Annual Summit was held on October 6th and it was the first event for Pearson to display the new logo, the new colours and a new issue of Teachers and Teaching Magazine. The organization was flawless and the lectures extremely interesting and useful. The first one was on Thinking Skills where Mr. José Luis Morales explained the competences that needed to be acquired to foster thinking skills among which, he mentioned the importance of understanding our emotions. I believe some of us have been wrong at thinking that developing thinking skills involves only the brain but not the feelings. He told us how important it is to analyze how we feel when we learn: the involvement, the joy, the frustration when getting nowhere, the drive to persevere, etc. He finished giving the characteristics of good questions, something we teachers need to remember since a great percentage of our interaction in class is to ask and prompt. Read more

The second presentation was about Hyper-connectivity by Mr. Nick Perkins who raised several interesting issues such as the possibility of allowing students the use of mobile phones in class - interesting since most of the times the first thing we ask our students once they are in the classroom is to turn mobiles off depriving them, according to Mr. Perkins, of tons of information that are just at the click of a button. He also suggested ideas to use text messaging and Skype for real communicative purposes. Read more

It is a real pity I did not stay long enough to attend Ms. Susan Hillyard´s presentation but hope that someone would like to share his/her comments with us.

Congratulations Pearson on an excellent academic event which gathered so many people from so many different backgrounds and age ranges. I love to attend these events for all the things I learn but also for all the people (old friends and acquaintances) I meet. However, it is also thrilling to see so many young teachers full of enthusiasm and all generations eager to expand our professional world and break the barriers we face in our own learning process*. Congratulations Cecilia, I met you when you started teaching at Británico Lima at a very young age and now you are one of the actors of the success of Pearson in Peru. You´ve come a long way my friend!

Maria Luisa Mu

* Quote from the Editorial by Cecilia Rodriguez J, Learning Solutions Coordinator, Pearson.

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