Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] 4th ELT Horizons Conference 2011 at ICPNA

Estimado docente:

Le recordamos que ya está abierta la inscripción para el 4th ELT Horizons International Conference "Crossing the Bridge to a World of English" dirigido a directores, coordinadores, docentes de colegios, institutos y universidades dedicados a la enseñanza del idioma inglés y alumnos de nivel avanzado de inglés. El evento se llevará a cabo este 27 y 28 de mayo en las instalaciones del Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center (Paseo de la República 170, Cercado de Lima).

La cuarta edición del ELt contará con la presencia de los expositores internacionales Neil Anderson (USA), Fredricka Stoller (USA), Hugh Dellar (United Kingdom) y William Grabe (USA) como conferencistas principales y David Fay (USA), Mark Johnson (USA), Ian Martin (United Kingdom) y Kristin Sherman (USA) como conferencistas invitados, quienes compartirán sus conocimientos y su vasta experiencia en el campo de la enseñanza del idioma inglés. Asimismo, se desarrollarán sesiones, en simultáneo, con la participación de otros destacados expertos latinoamericanos.

Puede inscribirse vía Internet ingresando a o, personalmente, en cualquiera de las sedes del ICPNA. Las vacantes son limitadas.

- Programa del evento.

- Conozca a los Expositores.

- Inscripciones.


- S/.180 (ciento ochenta nuevos soles)

Incluye certificado y material de estudio.

Esperamos contar con su gentil asistencia.

Para mayores informes contáctenos al (01)706-7000 o vía email a

Saturday, May 21, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] News from UCLES‏

Dear Colleagues

The Cambridge Advanced Exam certificate is now also valid to obtain a student visa to Australia. The link below will take you to the news report.

In Peru, you and/or your students can sit the whole range of Cambridge exams at official exam centres like the ACPB in Lima, the University of Piura in Piura and Lima and Colegio Prescott in Arequipa, among many others. The main suite includes KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE and the YLEs suite evaluates primary students at three levels. More information can be obtained from the exam centres directly.

Cesar Klauer

Friday, May 13, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] Ubicación exacta -Universidad de Piura (ELT Event Sat, May14,2011)‏


Third ELT Event: “Teacher Development in Action” Saturday, May 14 2011.

Due to many participants’ requests , here we are letting you know where Universidad de Piura-Campus Lima is situated:

Universidad de Piura/Campus Lima - Calle Mártir José Olaya 162, Miraflores , REF: 2nd Block Pardo Avenue.

Workshop Room : D-13

In –Site registration: From 1·30p.m.-1.45p.m ( no later than 1.45)

Universidad de Piura


Campus Lima:Av. Mártir Olaya 162. Miraflores.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] Courses at Camelot




Upgrade your TEFL skills and further your professional development through a 9 month program for those teachers of English who are teaching English and do not have the pedagogical training o Certificate that recognize them as such. The program is delivered by our expert team of qualified and experienced teacher trainers.

First day of class: 14/05/2011

Sessions: Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Duration : 9 months



This program will help teachers of English or anyone to refresh and improve their English command in a short time.





First day of class: 21/05/2011

Sessions: Saturdays 9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Duration: 20 Sessions

Certificates will be awarded!

Information and registration at: Aviacion Ave. # 2747 – 4th Floor San Borja

T: 4751274 / 226-8704

e-mail: /

Monday, May 9, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] US Embassy - Webinars for English Teachers - May 11 and 13

Webinar for English Teachers: A Fresh Look at Teaching Grammar

We are pleased to invite you to participate in a Webinar on English teaching methodology, organized by the Regional English Language Office for the Andean Region. One of the things many teachers know well is grammar. But do we know how best to teach it to our students? This webinar will explore the new ways of approaching grammar by taking into consideration meaning and context. * If you want to submit your questions in advance, click on this link and enter or write to

For future webinars, check our calendar at

What:A Fresh Look at Teaching Grammar

Who: David Fay, Regional English Language Officer

David Fay is the Regional English Language Officer for the Andean countries and is based in Lima, Peru. He has a M.Ed. in English Language Teaching and doctoral studies in U.S. literature. His main interests in the field are in models that integrate culture and language studies, with an emphasis on U.S. language, history and culture, and the application of information technology to the teaching and learning experience, with an emphasis on social networking. He is particularly interested in the evolution of English as a global lingua franca and the significance of this change for the classroom teacher. He has educated students and teachers in Costa Rica, Spain, Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia.

When:Wednesday, May 11 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Peru time)

And Friday, May 13 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. (Peru time)

Where:Join us from a computer with audio and internet access through; choose the option “Enter as a Guest”, register yourself entering your name and city (Example: Marcela – Lima) and click on “Enter Room”.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] IMPORTANTE: ELT EVENT on May 14.FROM 2.00p.m.. to 7.00p.m

ELT Event: “Teacher Development in Action” Saturday, May 14 (2.00p.m..-7.OOp.m.)

Spoeaker: Dermot Murphy

Dermot Murphy taught applied linguistics in the University of Lancaster, St Mary’s University College, Thames Valley University, and King’s College London. He was consultant to educational development projects in North Africa, South America, South-East Asia and Europe. He has published textbooks and research articles, writing on teacher education, evaluation, and discourse analysis. His play “El Cóndor y la Niña” was performed in the Santa Cruz de la Sierra International Theatre Festival, Bolivia, in April 2011.


Session 1 02:00 - 03:00– What is it being done to boost TD in Peru?

Session 2 03:00 - 04:00 -Teacher development – Dermot Murphy

04:00 - 04:30- Coffee Break/Networking

Session 3 04:30 - 05:30-Teacher Appraisal –Dermot Murphy

Session 4 05:30 - 06:30 -Action Research – Dermot Murphy

06:30 - 06:45- Raffle

06:45- 07:00 –: IATEFL Peru Certificates / Closing

Venue: Universidad de Piura Av. Mártir Olaya 162. Miraflores. - Aula E13.

Abstracts of the Sessions:

Teacher development

To be effective members of a department or school, and in order to gain job satisfaction, teachers need to be able to manage change and develop their professional knowledge and skills. The need to change may come from outside with the introduction of a new curriculum, or a new textbook, the availability of new technology, moving to a new place of work, or from different expectations of language learning. The desire to develop may come from within, from wanting to get better at the job and be able to vary ways of working. Some teachers resist change, but the need to develop will be there all the same. The school or faculty which values its teachers will support them in their development, and the professional teacher will be able to work with others, or autonomously, to evaluate and reflect on their work. We will look at the ways other teachers have managed their professional development and identify practical ways for you to meet the needs you identify and to implement the process of development in your context of work.

Teacher appraisal

Staff appraisal is a general technique for any institution to evaluate the way that its staff contribute to the work of the organisation and to make sure that they are given the support and training necessary to enable them to work effectively and get satisfaction from their job. We will look at how to organise appraisal so that it works to the benefit of staff and institution, and how and if you could use this.

Action research

In many places teachers now carry out research adapted to their needs and concerns so that they can take more control over how they organise and implement teaching and learning in their classrooms. Appropriate and skilled use of these techniques empowers teachers and gives them a greater confidence in managing change in their context. They learn how to avoid negative influences and find effective, useful ways to encourage learning. Doing this requires more responsibility from learners and helps them in turn. We will look at methods, examples and ways that you could implement these ideas to meet needs where you work.


Number of Participants: 50

Registration deadline: May 11th, 2011

Registration at:

Datos para la inscripción:

Nombres y apellidos completos



Correo electrónico:

Nombre del Colegio / Institución / Universidad donde labora:

Niveles que enseña.

Monto a depositar: 30 nuevos soles en Cuenta Interbank ahorros M.N. 115 303 1800 4 41, Eva Cecilia Carmelino Mayorga

Confirmar su inscripción enviando la fecha y número de operación por correo electrónico: a fin de considerarlo en la lista oficial de participantes.


A petición del expositor se enviará previamente dos artículos que el participante deberá leer antes del evento

[ELTeCS_PERU] Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

Programa de Becas

“Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program” (TEA)

seis (6) semanas en Estados Unidos desde mediados de marzo del 2012  o desde mediados de setiembre del 2012
para profesores de secundaria de inglés, ciencias sociales, matemáticas y ciencias


ü Pasajes de ida y vuelta

ü Seguro médico

ü Estadía en los Estados Unidos

ü Clases intensivas de metodología de la enseñanza

ü Entrenamiento en computación

ü Clases de inglés y cursos de enriquecimiento cultural

ü Excursiones a lugares culturales y apoyo académico

ü Costo del examen TOEFL


ü Ser peruano y estar residiendo y enseñando en el Perú por cinco años como mínimo

ü Tener grado de bachiller en educación o afines

ü Conocimientos del idioma inglés avanzado

ü Carta del empleador otorgándole licencia al participante del programa TEA

ü Disposición del colegio peruano de recibir a un profesor de los Estados Unidos por dos semanas

Las solicitudes se recibirán hasta el 23 de mayo del 2011 y se encuentran disponibles en , Programa de Becas, Becas para ciudadanos peruanos.

Los postulantes cuyas solicitudes sean aprobadas, serán considerados para la fase de entrevistas. Si pasan satisfactoriamente dicha fase, los postulantes seleccionados darán el examen TOEFL. Las solicitudes completas serán enviadas a los Estados Unidos para su evaluación y selección final cuyos resultados se anuncian directamente a los candidatos seleccionados.