Thursday, June 30, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] Macmillan Professional Proficiency Program


The exams will be administered by the prestigious Universidad de Piura (UdeP). To take the PPP Qualification Exam, teachers must register with the UdeP and pay the exam fee. Only teachers who have attended no less than three learning sessions (at least one has to be a face-to-face session) will be entitled to take the PPP qualification exam. However, we encourage you to attend all the sessions, face-to-face and online. The exam will be based on three pillars: the sessions the teacher has attended, the webinars they have viewed, and the Macmillan book "Teaching Practice" by Roger Gower, Diane Phillips & Steve Walters.

Certificates will be awarded by Universidad de Piura only to all those teachers who pass the exam with a grade of eleven (11).

The deadline for the registration to take the PPP Qualification Exam is July 1st. Every teacher should send us an e-mail to:

* The exam will take place on Friday, July 22nd at 6:00 sharp at Udep P headquarters.

* For teachers from other provinces the exam will be sent by our sale representative on their next visit.

* Pay the exam fee (S/. 60.00 each) at Macmillan BCP Account in Soles: 193-1316037-002.

Give the teller your name and keep your voucher number and send us an e-mail:

- The minimum number of teachers required by UdeP to take the exam is twenty.


:: Tel 441-0311 Ext. 2037


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