Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] World Challenge 2010


Now in its sixth year, World Challenge is a global competition aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level. World Challenge is brought to us by BBC World News and Newsweek, in association with Shell and is about championing and rewarding projects and businesses which really make a difference.

Finalists announced:

Denmark Guatemala Rwanda

Tanzania India Malawi

PERU Philippines

Kenya Madagascar

Zambia Mexico


"Yachachiq" is the Inca name for people who pass on knowledge. That's how Sierra Productiva - a federation of peasant's groups - is setting about improving the lot of small farmers in Peru, having started in the ancient Inca capital, Cusco. At elevations of 4000 metres and on precipitous slopes, "improvement" is a formidable undertaking. But through the Yachachiq the campesinos are learning organic techniques to dramatically boost production from both livestock and crops.

The main technology has been harnessing of springs and the use of drip irrigation systems, freeing the farmers from dependence on rainfall that gave them only one harvest a year

If you want to vote for Peru , please enter:

http://www.theworldchallenge.co.uk/, vote for our country and spread the word!!!!!

Together we can make a difference!!!Go PERU! Go!!

Leonor Marin


Monday, October 25, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] ELTeCS wants to grow

Dear ELTeCS PERU Member

I keep saying that our list has over 1000 members (which is true, I swear) but we all know that the community of teachers of English in Peru MUST be much larger than that; the thing is, We´re not reaching all of us out there, and yet I feel the list needs to grow, make more teachers participate, disseminate the information, share our views and experiences, all that. So I remembered the old Beatles´ song and said to myself, why not ask for "a little help from my friends (provided you are my friends... I hope so, I´d be very sad to know I think I have friends and actually I don´t, buuuu)?"

So, here´s the deal, you help me out with finding more members for our list and I keep being your friend (some deal, huh?).

It´s as easy as one two three. Just tell your colleagues that you like the list and all the information you get from it (you like it, don´t you?). All you have to do is send an email to your contacts explaining the simple process to register: Your friends can easily become members by sending the usual blank email at: ELTeCS_PERU-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

The ELTeCS PERU members who gets the most subscriptions will win a trip to London, with a tour of the most important cities, all paid , for him/her, his/her students, closest family and a group of 50 friends of his/her choice (pets not included, sorry).

Let´s see how many more teachers become part of our community. I´ll keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks in advance for your "hand"

Cesar Klauer

PD: The prize is a joke...obviously! But the request is not.

Cesar Klauer


Thursday, October 21, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] US Embassy Web Chats for English Teachers! [1 Attachment]

Web Chats for English Teachers

We are pleased to invite you to participate in a series of Web chats on English teaching methodology, organized by the US Embassy in Lima, Peru. Join us from a computer with audio and internet access through https://statedept.connectsolutions.com/peru; choose the option “Enter as a Guest”, register yourself entering your name and city (Example: Marcela – Lima) and click on “Enter Room”.

* If you want to submit your questions in advance, click on the link above and enter or write to relolima@state.gov.
Please provide your name, city, and country.



Easy and Effective Speaking and Listening Activities:

Are you looking for fresh ideas to get your students talking and interacting with each other? In the upcoming web chat, we will model speaking and listening activities that are easy, effective, and engaging. We will provide tips for creating a comfortable class environment, modifying activities for mixed levels, giving clear directions, and teaching pronunciation. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. Vicky Holdridge, Senior English Language Fellow Oct 27

Oct 29

(*)4pm – 4:45pm


Using Learner Centered Communicative Methodology for Teaching English: Student Engagement through Reading

The Communicative Approach to language teaching and learning emphasizes real communication to promote learning. Students are encouraged to use English in tasks that are meaningful to them and as a means of expressing themselves. How can we as teachers design lessons to create an active, student-centered classroom where the students’ interests and needs are taken into consideration? Vivian Leskes, English Language Specialist Nov 10 4pm – 4:45pm

Using Learner Centered Communicative Methodology for Teaching English: Communicative Conversation ClassesVivian Leskes, English Language Specialist Nov 128:30am - 9:30am

(*) Webchat is repeated both dates


Vicky Holdridge, Senior English Language Fellow, Peru

Vicky Holdridge holds a Masters in Teaching from the School for International Training. She has ten years of experience teaching English and training teachers, and is the co author of a text book series called Interactive English. Her specialty is creating easy, effective, and engaging class activities. Vicky is now the Senior English Language Fellow here in Peru, and looks forward to collaborating with teachers and sharing ideas.

Vivian Leskes Ward, English Language Specialist

Vivian Leskes Ward is an English Language Specialist with the US Department of State and Professor of ESL at Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, where she has worked for nineteen years and served as Chair of the Department of Language Studies. In 2008 she was an American Fulbright Senior Scholar at Irkutsk State Linguistic University (IGLU), in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia where she lectured English teachers and modeled current methodology in language instruction in the United States. In addition to three years of teacher training work in Russia, she has conducted trainings in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Indonesia. Professor Leskes is a student of languages as well as an English teacher. She speaks Spanish, has intermediate skills in French, and has been studying Russian since 2002. Her book of essays, Lost in Siberia, will be published by Haley’s, Athol, Massachusetts at the end of 2010.

Additional resources on Using Learner Centered Communicative Methodology for Teaching English:

Hsu, J. (2004). Reading without teachers: Literature circles in an EFL classroom.

Paper presented at the Cross-Strait Conference on English Education. Education Resources Information Center. http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/contentdelivery/servlet/ERICServlet?accno=ED492558

Vivian Leskes’ Merlot website on the Learner-Centered Classroom: http://contentbuilder.merlot.org/toolkit/html/snapshot.php?id=86502000118142

Marcela Raffo

RELO Assistant

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

US Embassy, Lima-Peru

Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear ELTeCS PERU Members

ELT events go on. This time I´d like to pass on to you the announcement for the first Asociación Peruana de Becarios del Reino Unido conference to be held on 22 and 23 October. As always, if you want to register and/ or get more details, contact the announcers´ email below.

Cesar Klauer



Has the pleasure to invite English teachers and teacher trainers to exchange, up date and improve their teaching skills in the Conference MODERN TECHNOLOGY IN TEFL that will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of October with acknowledged and experienced teacher trainers in the UK

VENUE: Av. Armendáriz 445 Miraflores Auditorium “Alberto Hurtado “ Universidad Cayetano Heredia.

Programme of awareness sessions:


A) Friday 22 OCTOBER – 17:00 to 17:50 and 18:00 to 18:50

I - Reflecting on the Usefulness of Technology

Norma Bustamante

II - Technology to keep on the Move

Gabriela Basurco

B) Saturday 23 OCTOBER – 10:00 to 10:50 and 11:00 to 11:50

III - Using Free Software

César Klauer

IV - Classroom Management for the New Generation

Arturo Field

V. Summary: Managing facilities (Rooms, equipments, materials).

Edy Isabel Torres

Note: There will be coffee break and attendance certificates

Please, register in advance on line at: eitorres@ec-red.com sending your complete names and DNI by 20th of October

Free admissions. Vacancies are limited


Edy Isabel Torres

APEBERU President


Cesar Klauer





[ELTeCS_PERU] Prescott School ELT Conference

Dear ELTeCS PERU Members

This last week, the city of Arequipa hosted the XII Prescott School ELT Conference.

I had the honour of being invited, together with other ELT teachers, to give presentations.

I took the chance to make an experiment (never done before, at least in Peru, I think) and have prepared a report that combines a written chronicle of my participation with videos on which some speakers appear giving exclusive accounts of their topics and the opinions of three teachers who participated in the event. Also, the conference director, Giancarlo Castelo, explains the organisation of the event for us.

I hope you like it.

Visit my ELT Blog to watch and read.

Cesar Klauer





[ELTeCS_PERU] Diplomatura en enseñanza de español en la PUCP


Capacitar a los participantes en el uso de la metodología comunicativa para la enseñanza del idioma español.

Ampliar el campo laboral de quienes ya dominan el idioma español.

Dirigido a:

Docentes de todos los niveles educativos y profesionales de las diferentes áreas que deseen acreditación para enseñar el español en el extranjero, o que les interese laborar en instituciones dedicadas a la enseñanza del español.

Inscripciones: hasta el 13 de octubre

Matrícula: del 19 al 28 de octubre

Inicio: 30 de octubre


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Facultad de Educación

Av. Universitaria 1801 - San Miguel, Lima.

Teléfono: 626-2000 anexos 5704, 5702 y 5705 Telefax: 626-2829

Horario de atención:

De lunes a viernes de 8:30 a.m. a 7:30 p.m. y sábados de 8:30 a.m. a 1:00 p.m.

E-mail: fyramirez@pucp.edu.pe
 / diplomaseduca@pucp.edu.pe

Friday, October 8, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] Fourth Annual Congress Teaching English for Specific Purposes

Estimado(a) profesor(a):

Adjunto al presente podrá encontrar la publicidad correspondiente al "IV Congreso Anual de la enseñanza de Inglés para fines específicos".

Si desea participar, es necesario que envíe la ficha de inscripción debidamente por este medio (scaneado) y/o por fax.

Le recordamos que las vacantes son limitadas, y la fecha de inscripción será del 06 al 14 de Octubre. Más información en http://idiomas.up.edu.pe/idiomas/novedades/novedades.php?pid=41


Centro de Idiomas

Universidad del Pacífico

Telefax: 421-2969 / 421-1628 / 219-0100 (2993)

Av. Guillermo Prescott N° 333 - San Isidro


XII ELT Conference, Arequipa, Peru, 8-9,October

The XII ELT Conference: Professional and Technological Development, Better Learning through Improved Teaching will be taking place from 8-9th October, 2010.

For further information please access:


[ELTeCS_PERU] Diploma in Teaching Spanish at PUCP

Monday, October 4, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] Something to say about: ....

Dear ELTeCS PERU Members

Now that we are close to the opening of the XII Prescott School ELT Conference in Arequipa (the most important convention for teachers of English out of Lima), I think it is time for us to ponder on how important it is to attend and/ or participate giving talks in these events.

Read More:


Cesar Klauer