Monday, October 25, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] ELTeCS wants to grow

Dear ELTeCS PERU Member

I keep saying that our list has over 1000 members (which is true, I swear) but we all know that the community of teachers of English in Peru MUST be much larger than that; the thing is, We´re not reaching all of us out there, and yet I feel the list needs to grow, make more teachers participate, disseminate the information, share our views and experiences, all that. So I remembered the old Beatles´ song and said to myself, why not ask for "a little help from my friends (provided you are my friends... I hope so, I´d be very sad to know I think I have friends and actually I don´t, buuuu)?"

So, here´s the deal, you help me out with finding more members for our list and I keep being your friend (some deal, huh?).

It´s as easy as one two three. Just tell your colleagues that you like the list and all the information you get from it (you like it, don´t you?). All you have to do is send an email to your contacts explaining the simple process to register: Your friends can easily become members by sending the usual blank email at:

The ELTeCS PERU members who gets the most subscriptions will win a trip to London, with a tour of the most important cities, all paid , for him/her, his/her students, closest family and a group of 50 friends of his/her choice (pets not included, sorry).

Let´s see how many more teachers become part of our community. I´ll keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks in advance for your "hand"

Cesar Klauer

PD: The prize is a joke...obviously! But the request is not.

Cesar Klauer

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